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Spectrophotometer --

The Spectrocam hand-held spectrophotometer is a cost-effective way to characterize the colors of parts, prints, or materials at specific points.

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The spectrophotometer is able to measure consistent spectral measurement on parts or material in the visible spectral range
(400 - 700nm).

The consistency comes from the way the spectrophotometer works: measurements are made in contact with a part or material. It also provides its own self-referencing flash Xenon lighting.

Although the spectrophotometer is non-imaging, it is a very good compliment to spectral imaging setups to establish truth data.

Measurements can be very consistent and great for comparing results from any spectral device.

Specifications Spectrocam 75 RE

With its unique patent pending design, the Spectrocam matches or even exceeds specifications of high end spectrophotometers at a fraction of the price.

As one of the few spectrographic meters on the market the Spectrocam meets ISO standards for color measurement. At the same time the Spectrocam measures many times faster and is more versatile in use than any other handheld spectrophotometers on the market.

Included with the Spectrocam is a ISO standard black scan plate and scan ruler for measuring color bars allowing you to measure 18 targets in less than 10 seconds. It also includes a white reference and monitor accessory designed to calibrate both CRT and LCD monitors in 30 seconds.

Spectrophotometer Module
1.5 x2 mm

ISO standard geometry:
0° (±5°)

Spectral range:
380-750 nm

Optical resolution:
5nm (75 bands)

20 nm

Wavelength calibration:
< 2 nm

Spectral reporting:
5nm Interval

Analog-to-Digital converter:
12 bits

Reflection Illuminator Module
Illuminated aperture:
2 options: 3.5x4mm and 5.5x6mm

ISO standard geometry:
Annular 45°

Illumination source:
Pulsed Xenon gas discharge tube

Maximum pulse frequency:
35 Hz

Reference measuring:
Light output, Voltage, Temperature

Software Functions
Color spaces:
CIE XYZ, xyY, Luv, Lab, LCH, correlated color temperature, whiteness index, HSB, RGB

Color difference values:
E, E(94), E(CMC).

CIE 2° and 10° human observer

A, C, E, D50, D55, D65, D75

Density functions:
Status A, T, E, I and DIN 16536-2

Dimensions And Accessories
130(l) x 70(w) x 50(h) mm

Available colors: arctic Blue, Mauve
Weight excluding accessories:
180 grams

Scan plate:
335(l) x 240(w) x 6(h) mm

Scan plate surface:
ISO standard black backing material

Scan guide:
250 mm scan length

Monitor accessory:
For use on all screen types (no suction cups)

Serial connection plugs:
Apple Mac modem port; IBM PC RS 232 sub-D9

AC adapter:
90-260 VAC, 50/60 Hz to 12 VDC, 0.5 A.

Scan Function
Number of readings per patch:
Averages 4 to 16 full spectral readings

Average scan time per patch:
0.4 sec. For screen frequencies >= 85 lines/inch

Minimum screen frequency:
45 lines/inch (=1.8 lines/mm). Scan time 2 sec

Target dimensions:
Recommended 10x10mm. Minimum7x8 mm

Spectro Colorimeter
Reflectance range:
0 to 160%

Typical measuring time:
0.4 sec (based upon 12 readings)

Short-term repeatability on white:
Typ. 0.1 E (max. 0.3 E)

lnterinstrument accuracy:
Target 0.2 E (max. TBD)
Average of 12 BCRA tiles

White calibration traceable to:
European Community Bureau of Reference

Spectro densitometer
Density range:
-0.200 to + 3.00

Measuring time:
Typ. 0.4 sec (based upon 12 readings)

Short-term repeatability on white:
Typ. 0.002 (max. 0.004)

Typ. 0.003 (max. 0.005) at D=0.500

Monitor Calibrator*
0 to 100%

Measuring aperture:

Typical calibration time
(30 colors):
30 seconds

Screen synchronization:
50 to 250 Hz

0.03 %

Typ. 0.1 %

Spectral Camera*
Field of view:
<= 10°

Shutter speeds:
1/2000 to 1 second

Data transmission rate:
Up to 35 spectral images per second