Spectral Imaging and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Applications




Tree health

Health of New England Forests
Invasive weeds
and plants
Mineral mapping
SWIR wavelengths


Forest Infestation

In a project sponsored by the New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands, healthy and distressed Hemlock trees are mapped to arrest the spread of tree infestation.


Invasive Vegetation

Invasive plants and weeds can be detected and mapped using spectral imaging technologies. The ability to quickly identify and locate non-native plant species and helps efforts to preserve wetlands.



Research on Past Earthquakes at Paleoseismic Sites
Paleoseismology uses SWIR (1000-2500nm) for mineral classification and mapping of exposed rock walls to track
movements in the Earth's crust over thousands of years.

Courtesy of Daniel Ragona, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, UCSD

Remote Imaging and Mapping of Mineral Flats


The AISA-Hawk is used to image mineral flats over SWIR wavelengths (1000-2500nm) for mineral identificaiton and mapping.

The SWIR wavelengths and the Hawk's high spectral resolution (6nm sampling) are key to expose otherwise undetectable deposits.