Lighting is the key to success to just about every machine vision project. AutoVision offers high quality components for LEC lighting with our Vision Systems.

Proper lighting can put patterns & defects in good contrast to background on your part-under-test (PUT). Uniformity and stability over time is a must to monitor production variance from day to day.

Some applications may not require consistent lighting where defects are very obvious or when comparison to ideal parts or production trends are not necessary.

AutoVision is happy to provide help with lighting requirements in your applications.


LED Lightheads
Standard LED:
Custom LED Options: Yellow, white, green, blue, UV and IR
Mounting: M4 mounting hole or stud option
Voltage: 12V standard, 24V required for custom LEDs
Housing Type: Black anodized aluminum
Operating temperature range : -20C to +40

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TheUniform, shadow-free illumination of a ringlight enhances pattern recognition.

Number of LEDs: 193 (3 rings) standards; 138 (2 rings) or 74 (1 ring)
Outside Diameter : 4.96" (126 mm)
Inside Diameter : 2.6" (66 mm)
Height: 1" (25.5 mm)
Weight of head: 0.56 lb. (260 gm), with cable: 0.77 lb. (350 gm)
Working Distance: 3" to 8" (76mm to 203mm)
Mounting holes: 0.56 lb. (260 gm), with cable: 0.77 lb. (350 gm)


Diffuse Dome Ringlight
All the features of the ringlight combined with a dome diffuser that eliminates specular reflections on shiny surfaces.

Viewing aperture : 0.98" (25 mm)
Height (including ringlight) :3.4" (87 mm)
Weight of head: 0.73 lb. (330 gm), with cable 0.93 lb. (420 gm)

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Darkfield Ringlight
Low-angle lighting creates "darkfield" effects that enhance the contrast of surface features. perfect for BGA (ball grid array) and bottle top inspection.

Outside diameter:4.96" (126 mm)
Inside diameter: 2.6" (66 mm)
Weight of head: 0.53 lb. (240 gm), with cable 0.75 lb. (340 gm)
Working distance: 0.25"- 1" (6.35 TO 25.4 mm)

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Use for area illumination or in combination withour optional diffusor as a backlight.

Diameter:4.96" (126 mm)
Length: 2.6" (66 mm)
Number of LEDs : 60
Weight of head: 0.17 lb. (80 gm), with cable 0.31 lb. (140 gm)
Uniformity: +/-25 grayscales at 4" working distance

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